Club Monaco

Fifth Avenue 160 Fifth Avenue

What is Club Monaco? When was it established? Are the clothes American inspired? These are some of the questions I had when I visited their website.

Their style of dress is that of the upper east side. The clothing is not simple, yet it is.

Those who dress in that style look like they are really trying to mix and match. One have to be careful dressing this way. If one doesn’t put the right top with the right bottom, it would look tacky. But, is it cool to look tacky?  Club Monaco has a way of making “tacky” look sophisticated. This is because Club Monaco inspires personal style.

I looked at their Fall 2010 Look Book and enjoyed the photos taken by Victor DeMarchelier. With each model he helped to show off their personal style with the correct pose.

My favorite poses and outfits together are Misha’s Look #5 and 18 and Rebecca’s Look # 10, 39.

And for Club Monaco’s window display. The cream stockings nailed to a black wall gives them a simple 10.

I love the repetition .

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