Janaya’s first Rejection

I wonder how Janaya feels.

I don’t know exactly how Janaya feels.

I can guess Janaya’s feelings.

But, I don’t know it first hand.

You see, I was never in Janaya’s predicament.

After all, I have never had a teenage mother or father.

And, my parents always loved me.

I was never in a cross battle. A terrible love war. A love war that became a hate war.

Janaya, pretty in pink with a Dora the Explorer backpack and mini pigtails was on the bus when I aboard. She was standing on the seat next to her mother who was talking on the phone, loudly.

Nah, Nigga, He asked me for my number! -Janaya Stop- I’m telling you the truth! I don’t even remember him asking me for my address! I don’t know how he found my house. -Janaya Sit down! Why you acting like this?-  When he came to my house, my teeth wasn’t even brush yet!  Let me text you what happen ’cause I’m on the bus. I’m taking Janaya to her father. Yep, so we can hang out later. I texted that nigga! He better!

During the entire time, Janaya’s mother simply ignored the fact that Janaya was even there. Not including the time she told Janaya to sit down, even though Janaya never listened to her command. The mother was simply to busy planning for a fun weekend.

You got my text? No, that really happened! I’m not even lying. Oh, let me call you back. Janaya’s father is getting on the bus.

Seeing her father, Janaya got down from her seat and ran to him. Compared to the mother, he seemed to be more serious. Unshaven, his beard made him look older than what he really was and his used-to-be pink lips were now dark from cigarette.

Hi Janaya!

He met his daughter with a big smile and gave her mother a stern look. He set across from the mother, even though there was an open seat on both sides of her. His daughter hopped into his lap and seemed content.

Here’s her bag.

I’m not taking her. I’ve  got somewhere to go.

I’ve got somewhere to go too!

Oh, well.

Mother and father begin to dispute over who was going to keep Janaya. Neither one wanted to keep her. Both had more important things to do over their weekend. Instead of discussing, they argued about what to do about the child who was formed from their youthful lust.

you are taking her.

No, I’m not.

Yes, you are.

The mother stopped every few seconds to smile and hold back a laugh. While the father, sat there and watched her.

What’s so funny? This is not funny!

I texted you. I texted you last night. Go over your text messages in your phone. Go!

The father ignored the mother’s demand, who continued to smile but now rolled her eyes while repeatedly saying, you are taking her.

The next stop, the father shoved the daughter towards the mother and got up to get off the bus. The mother hurriedly got her bag and followed the father off the bus, while holding the child’s hand.

With a playful attitude, she followed the father across the street and down the hill. Janaya was running and hopping at the same time. Her mother was moving to fast for her little legs to keep up.

The father continue to race down the road to get away from Janaya and the child who had yet to see that if she doesn’t set an example for Janaya, Janaya would then repeat the cycle into which she was born.

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