S.O.A.P. Recipe, LLC

Kylie, winner of last year Business Proposal, shows off product she made, while presenting her business plan

Attention Parents and Guardians, 

Here is a summer virtual program you might want to consider!! 

Who are we?

S.O.A.P. Recipe, LLC (Scholars given the Opportunity to Address life Principals) is a group of educated individuals  looking to bring scholars quality education via speakers and programs to help each scholar learn more about the many aspects of civics, business, and life principles.


Each one hour virtual class  would cover many  topics in kiddy format.  S.O.A.P. Recipe, LLC spent many hours listing  important lessons our children need to know and narrowed it down to four categories: Communication, time management writing, and organization. 

We have come up with activities to make the lessons hands on and fun such as  writing small business plans or simply creating soap. 

We’re looking to provide each scholar with practical, timely, and actionable programs where he/she can use right away what they have learned.


 Monday- Thursday , July 5- August 6th


suited for elementary students interested in Art



How much?

65 dollars a week (the last week being free) 260 total. 

45 dollars for art kits

Why Now?

Because we find ourselves in unprecedented times… and because of that, we’d like to give our children an opportunity to explore ways to be resourceful and ready. 

How can SOAP Recipe  help your Child?

The scholar  will be given the opportunity to connect with other children around his/her age.

The scholar will be given the opportunity to work on his/ her own advertisement and art work and have a space to showcase his/her artwork.

The scholar with the best communication presentation at the end wins a $50 Amazon gift card. 

View the following presentation to learn more about the program: https://prezi.com/view/zwDE8HqiREMlpBpTQLuq