Colored Wall

There’s two places I want to go, I want to go to the Bronx Museum and to that colored wall across the street from the museum.

I said that to my dad who was walking along the Grand Concourse with me. He had just taken care of important business and I was with him for moral support- and to take a picture when ever I could.

As soon as we left the museum, we headed to the wall. But there was one issue- who will I photograph? Who will be my subject?

Well, I didn’t have to worry about that for long. I looked up and in the front of me walking and laughing were 5 young Latino men. I ran up to them and asked them if they would pose for me…

The leader of the pack, Flexx, automatically said yes…and I automatically liked him. The rest of them were a little concern about their image but soon gave in; however, Flaco had to be coaxed to take a photo. Flaco seemed shy but there is one picture you will see of them hitting on girls who were passing by, look at Flaco’s face! He doesn’t seem that shy.  Here are their names:

Flexx- the royal blue hoodie

Flaco- the yellow hoodie

Goose- the red hoodie

Geo- the navy blue hoodie

K- the black hoodie

The Colored Wall

The one in the Yellow name is Flaco.

When I approached them and asked if I could photograph them, Flaco was the first one to say no. He seemed very shy. In this picture, his friends are encouraging him to smile.

Look at his big smile.