Details around Boston

A couple of details that caught my attention in the cold and snow…

The decorative window sills


On Beacon Hill….near the meteorologist society…I saw doors that looked strange….


Shoveling snow in formal shoes…

While waiting for the train, I was surprised to read that Boston actually had trains before New York…and they even had a Tremont Street, like the Bronx.

This building is called the Bolling building and is named after Boston’s first African American president of the Boston City Council, Bruce C. Bolling. Most of the public school administration offices are in this building.

IMG_1834 (2)

Yoshio Toyama

I think one of the fascinating moments in New Oreleans was hearing Japanese trumpet player, Yoshio Toyama, play ‘What a wonderful World’ and actually sound exactly like Armstrong!! Everyone who was standing near the venue and could hear Toyama stopped talking!

I knew nothing about Toyama before going and after hearing him and reading an article about how he and his wife return to New Orleans often to donate new instruments to the schools.

I made a video to post but it isn’t uploading!! Anyway, here’s another video I made.

You can always look him up on youtube.