Super Saturday

This past Saturday, was Super Saturday.

It a day set aside for Pratt’s graduate students to present their year long projects to the Pratt Community. It’s a fun time, a time to gather and meet. A time for discussions about community, preservation, gentrification. A time for futuristic thinking. Planning. Mapping. GISing.

A time to find out about what’s being built in the city and what’s being taken down. Who’s doing what and how are they doing it and where is the money coming from. Who got a scholarship and how was it possible and how can I sign up for next time.

It’s a time to be questioned by peers and professors about how you foresee your project coming into fruition.

This year It happened virtually.

Someone had the control to mute voices. Someone had the control to mute comments. Any type of talking meant timing and/ or texting.

This time, the Pratt Community spoke about Community trying to maintain what they knew as community.

Nari Ward’s We the People


Here are the  first three words of the U.S. Constitution—“We the people…”

There – collecting and constructing was Nari Ward

Shoelaces from the public. People from all walks of life.

Using what they gave him to make a huge statement about government and history and time.

About the Artist: Nari Ward was born in St. Andrew Jamaica and now lives in New York.

I took these photos at the New Museum, however; this mural can be found at the New York Historical Society.