Tuna Fish and Marmalade

Friday night was a fun night  at church. Everyone was laid back and ready for the weekend to begin.

Despite the snow storm this week, many people came to church. After church, I decided to treat the saints to tuna fish.

Many people came into the kitchen ready to eat.

What are you serving?

Tuna Fish.

Oh, I love your tuna fish. I’ll take a sandwich please.

Little did they know, that this time my tuna fish would taste a little different. With eagerness to create something different, new and at the same time healthy, I applied organic Mandarin Marmalade by Caffe’ Sicilia to each sandwich.

I did not tell them that Marmalade was on one side of the sandwich for fear that they would demand a ‘regular’ tuna fish sandwich.

Only two children asked for the ‘regular’ tuna fish sandwich after eating one with marmalade.

The following were the responses I got:

What’s that I taste? It’s like bits of fruit.

It  has an acquired taste.

I think it’s great. I love it. I would like another one.

Do I taste Marmalade?!

What an idea. Who gave you the idea?

I like it, what ever you put in it. It’s good.

Want to try? Pick up your own jar of Mandarin Marmalade by Caffe’ Sicilia for only $11.00 at Gustiamo.com.