My Liberty, My America

My Liberty, My AmericaWhat is America to You?

It is to me what you say it should be

You told me it is liberty, so it is liberty

You told me I am free, so I am free

You told me I am blessed to be born in America, so I know I am blessed

You told me to pledge allegiance to a flag, so I memorized  the pledge and

planted it in my heart and when my 2nd grade class gets up each morning, I can proudly recite it from my brave heart.

You taught me the American dream and that is my goal

that is my art

I draw my house, my family, my dog, and color my grass bright green

Slavery and  Jim Crow was the past and now I am free

No one can really bother me right?

Because it is My Liberty and My America

My Master


Yesterday, I went to East Harlem and was taking pictures. I took this here picture of a nun talking and afterward she asked me

Did you just take a picture of me?


Oh. I am not allowed to take pictures.

To which I wanted to reply I don’t really care. But just nodded.

She then proceeded to ask me to delete it!

I told her I would…after I put it on my computer. (I said the ending part under my breath).

I can understand if I asked her to pose for me, but I didn’t. I was just snapping. I probably would have taken the picture if she was not even there. But she does make the picture interesting.

But I didn’t tell you all she really said. After she asked me to delete it she said she was not allow to take pictures because she did not ask her master first!

And who’s your master, Jesus?


Then who?



So, I then wondered in my head…Mary is your master but isn’t Jesus is God?!

Summer Time

ParkThe entire summer I have been working with children, trying to keep up with the library children and devoting most of my time to Mary Mitchell,  and now it is almost over. This Friday is the last day of summer camp at the Mary Mitchell. Then next two weeks after that I work with children from my church. (whew).

The summer has been a great experience and a learning one. I went places I have never been and even went ‘out of my self’ in ways I haven’t before. My imagination has grown or either I just used it more often. I know more about my surroundings and community. I even help out in my church in a different way. This summer I feel like I did not waste anytime but made sure and I am still making sure I do something positive with every minute that God has blessed me with.