Magic Show at West Farms

magic show

This pass Tuesday the children went to West Farms Library to see a magic show. They had high expectations…a little too high for the magicians. After seeing the first few tricks, Brianna yelled out: “How about doing some real magic? Pull a rabbit out of your hat!!”

This comment was ignored and since I was a bit far from her, I could not get her attention to tell her to stop yelling out.

Time passed and after a water trick (the magician ‘turned’ water red, however, the kids saw the Kool-Aid powder at the bottom of the cup) Brianna yelled out: how about turning your entire body green?!

This thought provoked everyone and before long, the entire body of teens and young children were chanting: TURN GREEN!! TURN GREEN!!

This made the magician stop the show to tell his audience that unfortunately, that was one trick he could not do. At these words the kids calmed down and the show continued.

Pretty Soon the kids next to me, turned to me and asked: Is this all of their tricks? I thought it was going to be a circus! They are not real…I had begun to feel like they wanted to leave. However, every time the magicians pulled a new trick out the hat, they had the children’s attention.

Seeing a magic show requires one to pay close attention to the act and quick thinking. While the children did not get all the acts, the ones that they did get made them feel powerful.



My supervisor, Heidi, gave me a handful of Pumpkins for my Literacy class. Each student was able to get one.

Before I handed the pumpkins out, I did a science project that I got off pinterest called pumpkin-cano.

They had so much fun that when it was time to play, most of them wanted to keep doing science.

Street Magic on Calle Florida (Florida St.)

Street Magic

Calle Florida is a famous tourist shopping drag. This is where I brought sweaters for my best friends and chic clothing for myself. This is also where I ate the best pizza I ever had!

Every time we went, there was a lot going on. This photo was taken on a Sunday. This magician carried all of his supplies, set up ambiance really quickly and tricked all who wanted to be tricked!

I also saw tango dancers, marionettist, and singers. Calle Florida was constantly alive with a spirit of hustling…. if that can be a spirit.

The greatest hustlers were  the people who weaved in and out of the crowd saying ‘cambio?, cambio?’. I learned what cambio meant just from walking down Calle Flordia. Dr. Anderson had warned us not to give any of them our money to change.



I am standing in front of the museum with a classmate of mine, Juan.

I was happy that he was willing to go to the museum with me. This was our last day in Argentina. We were granted only one day of free time in Argentina but had to go where our professor suggested. We were the only two who wanted to go to the museum. Being that I don’t speak much spanish, I was greatful that he wanted to go too!

La Boca, Argentina

La Boca, Argentina

I enjoyed La Boca because of its colorful structure. The barrio is a historic district that contains many colorful buildings and creative vendors. La Boca reflects the 1800’s and give reverence to the past. The homes show how the European Immigrants used to live when they first arrived in Argentina.. Some buildings are weak and dilapidated thus they don’t have entrances…at least not any that I noticed.  It’s like an outside museum.

One of my classmates is taking this picture of me. We are on a weak stairwell that leads to a balcony that is very dangerous…but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the photo.


Fancy Bench


I am at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires with my classmate Juan. The bench is a decorative piece of work. The bench continues to grow along the side of the wall and down the ceiling. When you walk into the museo, you see the strips of the bench but you don’t know what it is, unitl you walk up the steps.