Her Long Hair


I forgot to post this picture. I am smiling with one of Judge Rosado’s friends. I liked her hair and decided it was something to share.

In Celebration of a Great Work

Along with the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center,  I am preparing for the long, historical, event-filled weekend (it’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s day on Monday. Saturday is National Volunteer Day and to top things off President Obama will be sworn in for a second term).

For starters, tomorrow, Mary Mitchell will be hosting a celebration of Dr. King with the children by simply helping the children to understand the importance of what Dr. King did for the American people. I hope the children look at Dr. King as a man who did something they can all do- dedicate their time and love to their  community, state, and country and even the world. (Do you know Martin Luther King Jr. is the only lay person in American History to actually get a national holiday?)

Some, as children, learn about Dr. King really young but not all understand that he was not great because his name was King or because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he was great because he did the work that God called him to do and put his entire heart into his work. If only more people would work more diligently, perhaps our communities would be a little better.

I was listening to an old recording of my deceased apostle, Bishop Goodwin, and he said: Paul told Timothy, stir up the gift that is in you…[if] you want the Victory, stir up the gift.”

In other words, whatever that is good, that God is calling you to do- do it and do it well. You may be a child and your duty may be to go to school. Don’t go to school and be a disappointment to your parents. Be the best student you can be…Whatever it is that you are on this earth to do- whatever that is good- do it and do it well.


Living life to be Golden!

Hi y’all doing this is Sam Sam taking over for his sister for tonight. LWB © *;

This is Golden Man. You have the ”Golden Child,” but he is the Golden Man…

About 4 to 5 years ago, someone I knew took a picture with this young man. And coming out of Juniors tonight I seen him once again doing the same thing  What a kawinkydink… He is usually around and or between 42 and 34 street downtown Manhattan. (And he talks if you talk to him, not a total mime yet. Also obviously he is around the tourist and crowed areas. He has to make that money like everyone else.) He said the picture that you see above is from when he first started, about the first week to month. That was his spot right at olive garden downtown. As he begApril's Golden Manin to learn about his new trade he began to venture out. People when you see other people trying to make a living with various odd legal and reasonable jobs such as this young man or selling legal goods on the street. Please don’t look down on them because you don’t know what you may have to do when it is all said and done. You may not have money or food for them if they are asking for that, but a “how your doing”, “nice work”, or “good job” goes a long way even on a bad day.
But that’s my bit for today have a good one and as a lady I know says: ”Stay bless ladies and gentlemen.”

Judge Llinet Beltré-Rosado

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 I went to the  honorable Llinet Beltré-Rosado induction ceremony to witness her become a judge of the Civil Court of the City of New York.

I am glad I went for a number of reasons.

First of all, I really wanted to go for self-inspiration. When you get around people who are following their dreams and are succeeding, it makes you want to succeed.

Next, I wanted to hear her testimony. It’s something about listening to strong people testimonies that helps you become stronger.

I am happy she invited me to support her but I felt I wasn’t doing much considering her friendship and kindness to my family and my community, which means so much more to me.

I learned a lot about her that I didn’t know before, like, in her ‘free’ time, she volunteers for the community as a member of Community Board 4. In the words of our Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr., the community board is partly responsible for the decreasing of  gun violence (we currently have the lowest gun violence since 1966) and work to create a more family knit community within the Bronx.

I knew a little of her family’s success story. For example, I knew of how her mom was a single parent from Dominican Republic and raised her daughters in the projects where they all rose to greatness. One is employed by Columbia University and the other is an artist. I only knew of them but got to meet them and actually hear them speak. Even though I do not understand Spanish, when one of her sisters, Casilda, made reference to the Trujillo era, I felt the revolutionary spirit inside the court room! If she spoke a little longer, tears probably would have been shed.

One last reason I wanted to attend is when you are young and your journey is being created; it is important to listen to how others made it to their destination you never know if you would have to take a similar step.

Moreover, I think God wanted me to be there;  for when it came time for her to be sworn in as a judge, there was no Bible in the court room! She got sworn in on my tiny Bible.

Induction Ceremony

Maria José Nolasco

Maria Jose Nolasco

Maria José Nolasco who sang the National Anthem of the Dominican Republic at Hon. Llinte Beltré- Rosado’s induction ceremony. She has a beautiful voice.