Olivia’s in the Village



While I was in Virginia, I treated my Grandma and my Aunt Annie-Belle to Sunday lunch at Olivia’s in the Village.

It was a treat for all three of us. I enjoyed their company and they enjoyed the food.

The food was really good and surprisingly sold at a reasonable price. All three of us had sea food but my Grandma who forgot her teeth at home, ate the most.

Not only was the food good but the merchants were friendly and the ambiance was like that of a high-end restaurant.

When we left Olivia’s, someone who was walking her dog told us that the restaurant was started by a man name Gary who named it after his wife, Olivia.

If you ever get to visit Gloucester, Virginia, I encourage you to check out Olivia’s in the Village at 6597 Main Street.


Their phone number is 804-694-0057.