Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley

376 Bleecker Street

An American designer who made her first dress at seven years of age.

Now, she is one of the American designers who is creating the rules of fashion.

I went to her website and saw something I can not forget. She created a puffer scarf.

Similar to a puffer coat, the scarf puffs up around your neck.

It’s on sale for $39.oo. A great discount from $135.oo.


As for the window display, the manicans wearing black and white reminds me of Michael KorsĀ  manicans.

But, unlike Michael Kors display window which is created with a fun twist because of the stars, Rowley’s display is more sophisticated.

The lights and the tress add to the uppity feeling but I think it’s the glittery curtains that help to bring the window display out.


A Change in the Bronx II

I came across this mural, also in the Bronx.

I love murals, I think it tells the viewer a little something about the neighborhood and depending on the subject, it tells the viewer something about the history of the neighborhood.

The artist painted the mural on Martin Luther King, Jr. day. He reminds the reader of the past and the dreams and hopes that those who came before us, created for themselves and their children.

The mural was put up on the wall in response to President Obama’s election. As soon as he won office, the artist repainted what was previously there.

Before this mural, there was another one telling people in a “propagandic” way, who to vote for.

Notice how there is not a slight of graffiti on the wall.


Our Founders and parents had a dream

Today we dream, as tomorrow is no guarantee

In historical times of Turbulence and crisis

Joyful memories of lost Love ones live forever

Fear and uncertainty enters our doors

And we hold our hope and faith real tight

For the future life of our children and family

What legacy will we leave behind after we die

Humanity’s essence is to triumph over tribulation

The world changes and history is our witness

That with love, peace and unity we will prevail

By Tony Cruz

At the Beginning

At the beginning, it was light and not to strong

At the beginning, I thought I was in the right and not so wrong

because you see, I met him in a great condition

and under amazing circumstances

He was good, he was kind, he was intelligent, he made me laugh

This was all at the beginning

Then, I brought him home and introduced him to the family

And this is when the rising action begun

He was no longer just mine but my family’s also

What they thought mattered and not how I felt about him

He isn’t just dating me anymore but my family

I surely do miss the beginning when we were together

when we were just we

but no one really noticed

There’s always joy at the beginning