The inner city Lady Painter

The Lady Painter

Among men of the world

Among spray cans

She climbs her ladder

Among vibrant colors

Among tag-ups

She continues to climb

She take one rung at a time

Her paint brush is ready

Paint in one hand

Bush in other

She creates a Woman raising above

Among men art

Among men at art

Is the inner city lady painter

The inner city vibrant women



The community has yet to see

What kind of woman the shape will form

But the inner city Lady Painter knows

It’s time to celebrate the inner city women

Children of Slaves

Child with FlowersThe children of Slaves are dying. If not already dead.

The country America is changing. If not already Changed.

The children of Slaves are dying. If not already dead.

The history of America is going. If not already gone.

The children of Slaves are dying if not already dead.

The authenticity of  America is leaving, if not left already.

The children of American Slaves are dying if not already dead they died while creating the country already created died while bulding the country aldreay built by white men trying.

The children of American slaves are dying if not already dead.

Inspired by book:  Sugar of the Crop: My Journey to find the Children of Slaves by Sana Butler.


To whom it may concern,

I am a recent college graduate who volunteers at the library.  This entire school year, I have been with some very dear and special students in the neighborhood who came to the library everyday after school so I could tutor, mentor and be almost of a big sister to them.

I am a photographer and while bonding with them was able to take good pictures. I want to make a yearbook for them and give it to them as a gift -for doing so well this year.

I want to know if there is a possibility I could create a yearbook or book of photos for the children and buy them in bulk with a HUGE discount.

DictionaryThank You in Advance