Arroz de Ceboda (y carne)



  1. Rice and Peas
    1. cook the peas in water, remove peas
    2. add olive oil
    3. add rice and let it cook
  2. Pasta
    1. add a little bit of aceite or olive oil to frying pan
    2. add pasta and stir until it’s brown
    3. Add water or chicken broth and cook until it boil
  3. Add pork to the meal
    1. Season the pork in salt, pepper, garlic and a little bit of vinegar
    2. fry the boneless pork  for 10 minutes, each side


Rice, Ham and Potato Salad

IMG_1214 (2)

I enjoyed visiting Maggie. She was a little bit more laid back. However, every house I went to stressed the importance of chinaware. I did a whole lot of washing dishes…and breaking too…(shhhh!).

The second time I visited Juan and Maggie, we ate, ham, rice and potato salad. Ecuador has over 500 types of potatoes which is probably why her salad is yellow…one of the 500 must be yellow.

It was mmmm delicious…however, by the third day I started to wonder, where is the green salad?!

Pollo y Arroz

IMG_1357 (1)

One of my favorite meals was pollo y arroz. Most meals were served with soup. This is chicken soup…at least that’s what I call it.

Saute the vegetables (onions, garlic, red and yellow peppers) in olive oil

Blend a green pepper to add color to soup. Use the water from the blender to cook the rice.

Next, add the baked chicken (that was previously done)

Add uncooked rice

Add chicken broth to use as water

In the other plate is also chicken and rice done another way. Together it was one meal.