Gustiamo, Inc.


The children took a trip to an Italian warehouse that is located in the Bronx. I did not even know that it was there! The Bronx is full of surprises and great opportunity. There is something new to learn every day about the neighborhood that you live in. If you spend your time shunning your habitat or surroundings, you never know all the good that is actually there.

When we got there, there was a very sweet group of people waiting to greet us with Italian accents. They all were spoiling the children. Which I think was good for the kids. They don’t get spoil at the center much. We made our own pasta that was suburb! And then ate some chocolate that was just scrumptious.


Monk Parakeets of Pelham Bay

Parakeet at Pleham Bay

When the children went for a walk on the track, one of the teachers stopped us to inform us of the Parakeets that live at Pelham Bay Park! They live in the flood lights facing the baseball and football field. Unfortunately, we did not hear them talk and I don’t think they talk but we did collect a few feathers for our scrap-book.

Creative Fire Hydrant

Creative Fire Hydrant

Someone placed two car tires and a piece of wood around the fire hydrant so the water would constantly spray really high. Usually, there is someone standing behind the hydrant pushing the water out.  And no one can pass by and not get wet. It sprays so high that passer-bys are certain to get wet.


Today was the annual trip to the Pelham Bay Park and this is where the children found the  big, fat, green caterpillar.

Miss Lilly, Miss Lilly! Look what Emy got!

Inside of the cup was a caterpillar.

‘Can I keep it?!’

Now the center has a pet which they named Spiky. It sits on the window seal in a juice bottle with holes poked into it,  nextSpiky to the plants.