Sisters in Style

In the winter time, color is not always emphasized. Different hues like yellows, oranges and bright blues are not often seen. Usually, a black coat is favored over something that is light. No one wants a coat that will easily get dirty.

Nevertheless, when one is bold enough to pull off the bold colors, everyone secretly love it!

These two young ladies are sisters with two different style- yet the style is the same.

Look at their toggle coats. Personally, the brown one with the cross over button and hood is -awesome something I would choose- but the color of the blue shorter one is more fun.

Now look at their combat boats. Once again color comes into play. It seems everyone chooses black because… hey, it just never gets dirty! But then you look at the brown boots and you say to yourself, if I could get two pairs of boots, I will get black and brown.

Oh and last of all don’t forget the jeans…I’ll let you create your own opinion!

African American Children’s Book Fair

February 4, 2012 will be the 20th Anniversary of the African-American Children’s Book Fair located in the Community College of Philadelphia  gymnasium.

Last year I had the opportunity of going and simply loved it!

There were so many excited children and on top of that patient authors and illustrators willing to talk and sign each book for each child. Just to be around people who enjoyed reading as much as I did and to be in the same room with so many talented people made me feel ecstatic. I left feeling encouraged to read and write more.

According to sources Walter Dean Myers, E. B. Lewis, Byran Collier, Sean Qualls, and Javaka Steptoe are just a few of the artist who are going to be there. It sounds like a fair not to miss.

Check out this blog for more information: