Blessed are they who believe yet, Do not see

Be SavedReading GOD’S GOT YOUR NUMBER by Ken Gaub. I notice that he doesn’t limit himself and so far his faith is unbelievable. Now, me with the Holy Ghost and the true baptism. Why can’t my faith be on that level? God gave us power to do also the things He did when He came in the form of Jesus and He didn’t limit us! He gave us that power and even more! I begin to ask God to show me more miracles as Ken, just to strengthen my faith. However, that’s doubt right there! If I need to see to strengthen my faith, then I have no foundation to stand on. I don’t want to be weak as Thomas was but I want to have faith like the apostles who believed and did not see JESUS when he rose. Their faith told them it was HE who returned.

Little Black Boy

Little Black Boy

Come on, you can do it!

It’s better to do it now while you have time!

Can’t you see that everyone else is ahead of you?

Do you want to be the only one in your class failing?

Do you want to be in first grade forever?

I care. Really I do. I care what grade you make.

Some think your future looks bleak but I think it looks bright. You just have to do what you need to, now!

Learn NOW. Now is the time to learn.  And enjoy school.

Don’t be the little black boy on your block. The one who hangs out.

Be the Big black boy who sees a big bright future.

The big black boy who goes to school.

The one with a big heart for mommy and daddy.

The one with a big niche for learning new things.

Because one day, those little boys will be looking to you Big Black Boy.

Boys Will Be Boys

Today while I was at the Library I thought no one was going to need or ask for my help. The children were just playing on the computer, running in the library and even when I got two older kids to read with me they kept playing around. Two boys who had to be around eleven years old went to look at the books and as soon as one went to a shelf the other one ducked behind some chairs hiding. When the one who was looking at the books turned around to see where his friend was- I pointed to the chairs. Instead of ending the game by going to the chairs- the boy by the books ducked down behind the book shelves’.  I only shook my head and laughed. Boys will be boys.

Soon it was time to almost leave the library. All the children were going home. Guess what? The little boy who wouldn’t read with me over the summer, came to me so I could help him with his homework. I was glad that he was coming around to himself but upset that he used his most valuable time on the computer. We didn’t get to finish his homework but thank God he is defining me as his friend. This is the second time I helped him. Saturday I read three books to him. He is in the first grade and does not know his numbers or alphabet that well. What are parents doing with their children?! Let’s not go off on a tangent…Boys will be Boys

Dog Walking

One thing I dislike is dogs in the Bronx.

I like animals and all but not in the Bronx! People just let their dogs use the bathroom all over the sidewalks.

I constantly have to watch where I am walking for fear of stepping in dog mess. There are so many sidewalks filled with mess.

It seems only the residents in Manhattan – some areas- walk around with bags to clean up behind their dogs.

Something I just won’t do is clean up behind a dog. I already have a hard time cleaning up behind my family.

Today this young man had two dogs. I wonder if he noticed that both were sniffing one another mess. It was so gross. Why can’t people just get FISH?! If I don’t walk in their mess then I have to deal with people who walk their nasty dogs…and see them do nasty things on the sidewalk. GROSS!Dog Walking

Store Art

I recently started to study  store art.

Each store, I notice, has its own type of bag, signs, pictures, music and  layout. The art of the store helps to draw a certain kind of people. I’ve been spending my time taking pictures of stores and listening to their music.  Also judging  the attitude of the employers. Studying stores change my opinion of them.

Stores I thought were amazing are often shined in a much duller light. I also study the prices of the items. Of course the demographics change from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some stores look like museums. You can tell the employers took time to make it look welcoming to the customers.

One owner told me that there are designers who come into his store once or twice a  month to fix it up. There were photographs on the wall and magazine cut outs made into a collage on another wall. It looked like my room almost. I judge food and clothing stores alike. They all fall under the same category.

The best places are malls though! Then I can go into many at once. I even did Borders,  the book store.

Only once did someone tell me I couldn’t take pictures in a store. I think the employee was lying.

It seems buying is an art in itself.

This is a photo of JCREW  located in the Time Warner building.

Store Art

Store Art

Finding Abba

Finding Abba

Finding Abba

With her Loss, I found Him.

It’s true. He was there all the time.

Okay, I’ll admit I did not look, not even one time!

He wasn’t lost- gosh, I guess you can say I was.

I thought I was right but I was wrong.

Always moving around when He just wanted me to be





He’s there and He’s


The Loss

The Loss

The Loss

How do I deal with the loss?

How do I deal with the pain?

How do I deal with the grief?

How do I deal with the strain- the strain on my heart, the strain on my soul

The memories my mind refuse to let go

My heat’s longing for more and more and more

each day my soul’s longing for A place to see her face.

They ask me Who will take care of me.

Want to know what happened to my daddy.

long time ago he chose to go.

now I know I won’t let go of her- and her memories

I’m Jesus Child.

With that I smile.

He’s now the one who cares for me

He’s now the one who supplies my needs

He’s my father and I’m his child.