A Graduation Lesson

New Beginning- Graduation

Once again we are in the season of graduations…the best time of the year to hear encouraging speeches from educators and students alike.

Yesterday, I was walking from the Hispanos Unidos Garden with the Literacy Club when I ran across a beautiful family. I usually would see them in the neighborhood and we would exchange hi’s.

They looked stunning walking towards us. I asked the mom who looks like she could be the oldest sister (she’s the one in the pink) if I could take a photo of them.

My students were on the side of me chanting CONGRATULATIONS!! Over and over.

After the picture, one of the little girls who had chalk in her hand, decided to write on the building behind them. Why did she do that?  The Literacy club suddenly got enraged. Their chants became rebukes and when I tried to take up for her, telling them it could easily come off with water, they turned to me and shouted at me:


So, in the end I agreed with them and so did the mother who told the little girl, she will have to clean it.

Kimberly & Rodolfo

Kimberly & Rodolfo

This pass weekend I took my former students out for brunch.

Rodolfo was in my class last year and over the summer I tutored his sister, Kimberly. They are so sweet and intelligent. I love their sister-brother relationship.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have with children.

After eating a whole lot, we went to Crotona Park not knowing that there was going to be Free Rowing for anyone over 8 years old.

Rodolfo who is seven and a half was told he couldn’t go…even though he’s big enough to be a nine year old. So, only Kimberly went and made good friends with a NYU student, Jessie. I stayed by Rodolfo and comforted him.

After the adventures in the park we took a long trek back home. We were tired when we got home…well, maybe only I was tired because when I dropped them off I over heard Rodolfo asking his mother if he could ride his bike.

Kimberly’s Plate


Kimberly and her food. She and her brother were so excited to go out with me. She told me that she never ate breakfast in a restaurant.

My lesson of the day: Don’t let your help stop with a pay-check but always seek those who you can help without expecting something in return.

Jessie & Kimberly


Jessie and Kimberly rowing in Crotona Park. Looks like they finally got the hang of rowing the boat gently down the pond.

Animals love Rodolfo

Animals love Rodolfo

Rodolfo was talking about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said he was going to become a police officer.

I think he should think about becoming a veterinarian.

When we were about to pass this  dog and its owner, I noticed there was a little boy nearby who seemed scared.

We asked the owner what happened to the little  boy and the owner told us the boy was too scared to walk pass because of the dog. The owner kept assuring us that the dog was friendly.

I asked to pet it but when Rodolfo came, he went straight to Rodolfo and kept licking him. When we walked away, I caught a glimpse of the little boy. He still looked scared but I could tell he wasn’t going to be afraid for long.

Wines & Liquors & dRUMs

Wines & Liquors


There is a little boy in front of the liquor store with a mini drum set.

Maybe he was taking a short break because when I walked by he wasn’t really playing, just looking around.