The Art of Conversation

A word from mouth to mouth

The eye contact

The ability to use the communication we were born with has become an art.

It’s the art of conversation.

A friends joke

A Sister’s smile

A little boy’s snicker

A little girl’s giggle

A grandma’s snort

A grandpa’s soft tone

A mother’s wise speech

A teacher’s rebuke

A preacher’s sermon

A brother’s silly comment

A cousin’s remark

A best friend’s word

A father’s warning

All said to you in real life, while they were with you and you with them

no technology involved

This has all become an art

It’s the art of conversation.

It’s an art that some are losing.

It’s an art that some take for granted.

It’s an art that we all need.

Art of Conversation

Just Picture Yourself

In my neighborhood, a Christian has started a ‘tree evangelizing movement’. It’s better than the Finding Waldo books. There are trees with Bible scriptures and Christian messages on them. All of them encouraging the community to seek Christ.

This Tree says:

Just Picture, Imagine, on Judgment Day Your name

Not found Written in the Book of Life, Which is GOD’S

records of the LIFE you lived upon the Earth. HE

knows all things JESUS CHRIST SAVES…

Tree Evangelism


This pass Saturday, I had a great day.

Among all the fantastic things that happened, I meet a clothing designer who I blogged about!

I had made plans to meet a friend at the midtown New York Public Library. On my way there, I walked pass Made in Midtown, the name of a small and welcoming boutique on 25 West 38th St.(Widely known as YEOHLEE). When I walked pass the store on Saturday, I waved to Ito, the sales gentleman and kept walking.

A month ago, on the same date to be exact, I met Ito. He is the sales associate who I met the first time I visited YEOHLEE.  His positive attitude towards the store, was basically the reason why I blogged about it.

As soon as I took a step pass the boutique, a strong desire for me to go back in visit YEOHLEE came over me. I looked at the time and realize I was a little to early anyways so I might as well visit YEOHLEE.

When I went in, I saw another sales associate who I thought might be YEOHLEE but after I introduced myself to her and she to me, I thought, oh, well, she’s not the designer. However, we all started talking about the store and the new clothing on the floor. They showed me a  scarf presented to the buyer as a doggy. It was really creative. There was a piece of fabric at the end of the  body that one suppose to cut off to reveal the scarf. It was a WOW moment for me. I was impressed.

Then Ito showed me some jewelry that was made in California by another artist who follows the same “Eco Fashion” as YEOHLEE. The bracelets and necklaces were made out of recycled bicycled tires. While we were talking, someone walked in and guess what?! It was YEOHLEE!

Ito introduced us and we chatted for a while. I was surprised and honored when YEOHLEE said that she read my blog!

After she left, Ito said to me, that was my Christmas present for you. I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I can’t believe that I met YEOHLEE!

My father told me to build up my faith.

I say no matter how much faith you have, God always surprises you a little more.

visit my blog about YEOHLEE last month at:

visit YEOHLEE at:


As Long as There is You

moonIf there were no gates of pearl

If there were no streets of gold

If there was no other world found In a land where we won’t grow old

I’m not thinking about those sites

Won’t be there to enjoy the view

I think heaven will be alright

As long as You’re there, as long as there is You

If I never hear an angel sing

In a far off holy land

If I never hear the joy bell ring

Sing a chorus in a Christian band

I’m not thinking about the sites

Won’t be there to enjoy the view

I think heaven will be alright

As long as You’re there

As long as there is You

I’m not thinking about the sites

Won’t be there to enjoy the view

I think heaven will be alright

As long as You’re there

As long as there is You

-Donnie Mcclurkin