Family Time

Family Time


This picture was originally taken by the children’s grandma, Lisa Diggs. I am working on a project for her and she showed me some of her family pictures. Out of all of them, this was my favorite. I changed it a little to my liking. It reminds me of the late photographer, Helen Levitt, who photographed Children.

My Birthday Prayer



This year, God really surprised me for my birthday! I prayed to Jesus and told him that over material things, what I want the most is for my close friends to come to my church and worship in Spirit and in truth with me. And that is just what happened!

I had such an awesome birthday and will always praise God for his goodness and faithfulness towards me!

I love you Jesus!

12345 Chocolate

Chocolate or  what?

One of my students came to me really excited:

Miss Lilly, you want some chocolate?

Yeah, why not.

She then pulled this piece of chocolate -so I thought- out of her pocket. It was really a calculator. It was wrapped in tin foil and smelled like a chocolate bar. Only, it was not edible. It was a calculator.

She bought it from the book fair.

Fruit Market

Fruit Market


I am excited because a Fruit Market just opened up on Tremont Avenue. This is the second Fruit Market. Hopefully it will change the people in my neighborhood eating habits and help them make healthy decisions. After all, there is not much of an excuse now, is there?