Family Time

Family Time


This picture was originally taken by the children’s grandma, Lisa Diggs. I am working on a project for her and she showed me some of her family pictures. Out of all of them, this was my favorite. I changed it a little to my liking. It reminds me of the late photographer, Helen Levitt, who photographed Children.

My Birthday Prayer



This year, God really surprised me for my birthday! I prayed to Jesus and told him that over material things, what I want the most is for my close friends to come to my church and worship in Spirit and in truth with me. And that is just what happened!

I had such an awesome birthday and will always praise God for his goodness and faithfulness towards me!

I love you Jesus!

12345 Chocolate

Chocolate or  what?

One of my students came to me really excited:

Miss Lilly, you want some chocolate?

Yeah, why not.

She then pulled this piece of chocolate -so I thought- out of her pocket. It was really a calculator. It was wrapped in tin foil and smelled like a chocolate bar. Only, it was not edible. It was a calculator.

She bought it from the book fair.