Lock’s Conference


Last month, I placed all my lesson plans to the side and took a road trip to Philly to attend an African American Hair Festival.

My sister had found out about the festival from a friend.

Like the many festivals we attend, it was high spirited and full of life. It began with an opening ceremony in which those attending met in the auditorium. There was  a brother playing a low beat on the African Drum.

After everyone arrived, we were lead in the Black National Anthem by sisters who called themselves ministers and prophetess.

They did other activities which I watched but didn’t participate in, like spoke to their ancestors.

When all the chanting and singing got a bit much, I asked my brother and sister if they were ready to go and experience the fair.

There was a sister there who was selling African print converse something I’ve been watching on Etsy and a couple selling children books that taught children the Medo Neta or as we know it, Hieroglyphics.

We meet June Harrison at June’s Sheaganic’s selling body butter and seamstress, Theresa Smith selling mud cloth an a lot more.

There were rows and rows of sisters selling long full skirts, hats and hair products.

After supporting our brothers and sisters, we hopped in the car and spoke about the next conference to visit…