Her Money, Her Mortgage and Her Menage

Grandma LeeGrandma Lee’s money now was not her’s. It became her children.

Her belongings also got taken away.

Glendine, who was waiting for grandmother to return home, was kicked out of grandmother’s house.

And Vanderbilt, the mortgage company (who was ripping Grandma Lee off in the first place by charging her a 12 percent interest rate)  came to take the almost- fully- paid- for -trailer away.

Prior to Vanderbilt coming, we asked Vanderbilt if they would work out a payment plan with the grandchildren who are in  college, and give us a low-interest rate payment plan.

We can’t EVER lower the interest and you can’t pick up where your grandma left off. They continued, you have to re-buy the trailer and start over.

Since they did not really want to offer affordable plans, we tried different banks who asked for documents that we did not have and her children were not too willing to give it to us.

We had no other choice but to leave the trailer in the children hands.

When Vanderbilt came to take the trailer, they met neighbors who refused to move their poles and other property that the movers needed to move to lounge the trailer away.

So, the trailer is still there.

And all of this is going on without my grandma knowing.