When we left the Nursing home, I met Kelly’s children coming out of one of the churches on the block. They were crossing the street when I recognized them. ┬áKelly was a part of the administration when I started working at the Mary Mitchell Center. She left the center a little after I got hired but not before we created a beautiful relationship. While she was there I really looked up to her and respected her judgement. I was super happy to see her and her family.

The Nursing Home Visit with Cire


We went to the nursing home and it was the highlight of my day. There weren’t too many people who come into the room to hear us sing and read scripture, but with those who were there, we had a grand time! I think they enjoyed Cire the most. She was the youngest one in the room and full of energy and songs of Encouragement. Every song we taught her in the Children’s Choir she sung it there in joy. Everytime she opened her mouth and tapped her foot, she put a huge smile on their faces.