After the fight


I like this photo. It shows you how narcissist some of my students can be at times…

I also like it because of the story behind it. They were all sitting there for peer mediation.

Two boys who never really spoke to each other were mad because they just had a fight.

Well, how did this fight begin I asked.

First, we were play fighting. Then, we were really fighting.

Okay, I am not going to tell you boys not to play fight. I realize that I say it a thousand times, but you do it ANYWAY! However, I’m curious,why did you start fighting for real?

Well, everyone started saying that he can beat me up for real!!

Oh…I see! So, you started fighting to prove yourself?


And can you tell me the names of everyone?


And, did you guys ever do this?


Did you ever pick on each other or feel threaten by each other presence?

No. We never spoke until now.

So, how come you are telling everyone that you are being BULLIED? What does it mean to be bullied?

It’s when people pick on you, hit you or fight with you.

Oh, really?

And what is bulling to you?

It’s when people say things about you.

That’s it?


No, it’s more than that. To be bullied, you have to be picked on over a period of time. Not just once. It has to be on purpose and with evil thoughts behind it. There is no play. Now, lets get ‘everyone’ and see if we can end this problem.

So, who was chanting: fight, fight fight! When you saw them play fighting?

Everyone burst out into laughter and right then, I knew the problem was subsiding. It turns out one student was the instigator. One. And once we spoke about each role all of them played in the situation, they all were friendly with each other.


Pen-Pal Day


Journal Entry from Pen-Pal Day:

Today was Pen-Pal day! I was hoping all my students would show up but I am so grateful, God sent not all but one! I was extremely happy when he walked into the sanctuary.

He was dropped off at church by his sibling. He walked really slowly down the aisle and sat with me and my family. 

You feel nervous?


Don’t worry, you will enjoy yourself.

Pretty soon, he was standing up and singing the songs and even shouting HALLELUJAH and praise the Lord!!

The next day at work I over heard him telling his friends, you missed it! I went to Ms. Lilly’s church!! You didn’t heard the man (Bishop Green) say praise the Lord! 

Every pen-pal day we get an influx of visitors…and usually someone gets baptized. This time, no one got baptized that Sunday but a visitor who visited for the first time on Pen Pal day came back to get baptized on a week day!