I’ll be there

I went to the library but didn’t stay long. I only read to one little boy and his family. The other children were on the computer and didn’t want to get off. The little girl I normally see did not come. Now, she would actually get off the computer so we both could read. Those children today? They were content on the computer so I left.

I walk around for a while and took some pictures. Can you believe there are still Obama signs up?! I know, we would never get over it. There are also Michael Jackson signs up all over the place. Its only fitting that I would talk of someone who according to the media has lived a sad life before I mention the movie that I just watched.

I just saw the movie Seven Pounds and am feeling a bit mixed up in side. I wanted to cry but didn’t. I couldn’t even feel happy. I just leaves you in the middle of emotions. The director, Gabriele Muccino¬†is amazing. He should write a book.¬† He summed the movie up when he said “two people with so much death in them.” I like the movie but hate the fact that he committed suicide. I was hoping Ben would end up with Emily. Thank God its not a true story!