Fall at the Mary Mithcell

When Fall came, many of my students came in with colorful leaves they picked up from outside.

Learning about the world is fun when you are young. So many things race through your mind.

I remember when I used to have the time to not only enjoy nature but to actually appreciate it enough

to pick up leaves. When students came running to me excited about the leaves they just picked from the bunch

on the ground, I made an attempt to enjoy their FALL- IS -HERE moment with them.


(I know, I am a season late…)

It’s all in the Hat

This picture goes right along with my “Hats or Hats Not” project.

A friend of mine recently got married and I was more interested in the people’s threads then in the actual wedding. Sorry, but true.

To say the least, I was a bit disappointed by some of those who attend. Why would you wear Timberlands and a tee to a wedding?! I saw some who looked like they just walked off the street into the church.

Anyways, enough about the squares! I got a kick out of looking at the bridesmaid dresses but the best were the  hats.

Here is a picture of the bridesmaids.