The Choir at the Nursing Home

Sunday I went to the nursing home with a few members of the Holy Temple Church Young Adlut Radio Choir.

We normally go on a Sunday after morning service. I think the most difficult part in visiting the nursing home is leaving the temple.  Most times, everyone is hungry and want to hurry and get something to eat. Other times, everyone have that last thing to do before we leave. However, the best part is listening to everyone’s self-reflections after leaving the home.

Most of the members say that going to the nursing home is sometimes better than sitting through church. Everyone talk about the feelings they feel after visiting a group of people they don’t know and spending time with them for a hour.

I see that it helps the choir in many ways too. For one, we get an opportunity to sing outside of church to a different audience. We also sing a capella which is something I enjoy.

After singing, we make it a point, to greet our audience who are mostly bound in wheelchairs. One choir member, made an observation of the youngest people in the nursing home. A young man and a young women who seem to be in their right minds.  They seemed to be no older than 40.

Here is a photo of us ministering to the only person we personally know in the Nursing home, Mother Wood. She is in the 90’s and is one of the oldest Mother’s in our church. Nursing Home