I was on the train when a lady got on and sat across from me with a brand new camera. She was excited about her camera. She looked at me for a while and kept looking at her camera, then she began to take photos of me.

I couldn’t get mad because she was doing to me what I do to others all of the time.  At first I didn’t know she was taking my photo but I had a hunch. Then, I started to smile at her because I knew she was taking my picture.

She showed me her new Olympus camera and the photos. We swapped emails and she emailed me the photos that night.



Last year I blogged about receiving grapefruit from a church member who has her own grapefruit tree in Florida. This year before anyone could ask me what I wanted for my birthday, I made sure I asked for grapefruit from that same tree. I wasn’t a grapefruit fan before but after eating it help to clear up my sinus’ and kept me from getting sick during the winter, I plan to eat them every time it gets cold.

So, I got some grapefruit from that same tree in Florida for my birthday (without charge).


So, my family went to Washington, DC over the Thanksgiving break and I got to see so much of my family. It was pretty exciting. Pictured here is my second cousin, Andre, who is a pianist, singer and so many other fun things; like, now he owns Moody’s Barber Shop in Gloucester, VA.  and has his own beautiful family.

I’m blogging about him because of the scarf he has around his neck. He had that scarf when I was a little girl. It looks like he just bought it. It was kept well. In addition to his scarf, I liked his casual outfit. It was put together well. His style reminds me of James McBride, the author of The Color of Water,who I blogged about a while ago.

I wonder what’s going to be my staple when I get older. I can’t name one accessory that I have that I wear all the time…maybe it’s because I’m a female? At least I know my signature look will include a hat.

Mother Burks’ Cape

A member of my church, Mother Burks, has this very elegant blue cape. The material is very soft, like a cashmere and light.  The most beautiful thing about it is it’s hand-made by her daughter-in-law who stitched Mother Burks’ name onto the tip of the cape.