Hinton, Dickens & Children in the Library



Today was another day of fun at the library. It started out with many kids. The most I ever had. It had to be about  ten children!

All wanted to read with me except one. There was a little kid who sat right beside me. He was about seven years of age. He seemed pretty smart. He took a book and started making loud noise. At first I thought he was being bad and tried to chastise him but everything I did did not work. All the other children were laughing at him and his sisters seemed embarrassed. Then I thought, he must have had a mental problem.  Pretty soon all the kids begin to ignore him and I did too; but his older sister was kind of hurt that her brother did not or could not join in with us, she left the circle. I wish I could do something but did not really know what to do.  I tried to keep the group I had, entertained. The other sister of his begin to act out a little but it did not continue. I wonder if  I can help him at all. Gosh, I don’t even know his problem!

I also saw the student who did not take out the books that I suggested for him…the same one on the way to the ninth grade. We spoke about the books I suggested. He said he liked adventure books and that is why he did not take them out. I  encouraged him to read the books he likes; however, my plan is to find a better adventure book for him to read. He’s been all over Europe  and it sounds like he misses traveling.

The two girls who I assigned to read the Outsiders by S. E. Hinton actually came today and stared reading.  Now, I have to make sure I read it.

I read to an another student today who is in the sixth grade.  I later assigned him to read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. I have faith that he will actually read it.  It was a great day.

While I was reading The White...( forgot the title so from now on I am going  to keep a list of all the books we read) a parent came to me and ask if I usually read to the children to which I replied yes. She said she is going to bring her son who doesn’t like to read. I hope I can help him like to read.

Perhaps I should take out a book on how to teach children to love to read.

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