Boys Will Be Boys

Today while I was at the Library I thought no one was going to need or ask for my help. The children were just playing on the computer, running in the library and even when I got two older kids to read with me they kept playing around. Two boys who had to be around eleven years old went to look at the books and as soon as one went to a shelf the other one ducked behind some chairs hiding. When the one who was looking at the books turned around to see where his friend was- I pointed to the chairs. Instead of ending the game by going to the chairs- the boy by the books ducked down behind the book shelves’.  I only shook my head and laughed. Boys will be boys.

Soon it was time to almost leave the library. All the children were going home. Guess what? The little boy who wouldn’t read with me over the summer, came to me so I could help him with his homework. I was glad that he was coming around to himself but upset that he used his most valuable time on the computer. We didn’t get to finish his homework but thank God he is defining me as his friend. This is the second time I helped him. Saturday I read three books to him. He is in the first grade and does not know his numbers or alphabet that well. What are parents doing with their children?! Let’s not go off on a tangent…Boys will be Boys

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