“hats or hatnots”

HatsI just found out about a new photographer: Jules Allen who had the pleasure of working under Roy DeCarava. He had a project called the “hats and hatnots” which I really really enjoy. Just the play on words and the wonderful pictures! I wonder if I can borrow his idea? Since “hat” almost define who I am?! Also, Aperture is a great photography magazine. I wish I had the money to subscribe to it.

I met up with a dear friend and had a conversation in Spanish. In the midst of that comes a Polish friend who knows Spanish and it becomes a Spanish, Polish, English lesson. It was very educational and the good thing is it will happen again. We made sure of that…

So, about Publishing? I met with a mentor and professor who gave me helpful hints on publishing my book…yes, I wrote a book.  The most hard- to- swallow tip?! Take Risk- let yourself go. I am so used to holding on to me. My art. My  mY my. I am just learning how to lean on God. I guess leaning on God means letting go of one’s self.?! I don’t know. Still learning. Leaning so much.

My student, Joseph, finished reading The Secret of the Painted House so now we are reading Judy Blume’s Superfudge along with Janisha who wanted to read with us terribly.  James got kicked out of the library and can’t come until he brings his mother. I have no idea what is up with his behavior. He is so smart in his lessons. I hardly helped anyone with their homework today. It was movie day so the kids were watching movies and on the computer. Those not on the computer were with their parents. I could only photograph them. Well, at least I got to speak to parents. I am getting the hang of it.

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