Another Day

I enjoyed my time with the children today. It’s almost the holidays so they are extra lazy. I spent a greater part of my day with them playing connect 4 and doing math problems. Mel-Mel was extremely happy that he “beat” me in connect 4. However, I wanted to defeat Sophie. She had a special little trick which I think I know now…

I received my Ebony Magazine in the mail and I think it’s a great issue so far. The articles/ interviews on Maya Angelo and Rev. Al Sharpton are thoughtful and put together well. I didn’t know she was married to a Greek guy!? Thus her name is really Angelopulous. What a name. I am excited about that because my first name, Lystria, originated from the Greeks. Speaking of the Greeks, Sophia was telling me that Greek Mythology and the Civil War are two of her favorite subjects besides Math. I think the children at the library are so smart and willing to learn. (Even though they could be lazy at times). I like Angelo’s book list. I’ll let you buy the magazine for that one or go to 

Lastly, one thing I like that Rev. Al Sharpton said is: You’ve got to have a strong self-definition and you can’t seek others’ approval or others’ acceptance. You’ve got to first accept yourself. Once you define who you are and what your contribution is going to be and you are at peace with that, then you can deal with all the other sources

I’ll end on that note.

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