I ordered a skirt I really wanted off-line and it came in mail today. On the model it looks long, warm, wool, and the color looks like a  dark plaid. When I met it in person, I put it on and did not like the way it looked. It was short, thin, and very light. I am very disappointed! But that’s the downside of buying off-line. The piece of clothing is always dead until it gets on your body.

What do I love to see and what do I see I wonder? Can I put my eyes to work? I love colors. I love text and material. I love designs and solids.  I love fashion and photography.I love fashion photography. When I look at a movie or a picture or even a commercial, I see the clothes at “work”. They are moving!  I see the colors at work. I may question the set dresser or the photographer.  I don’t forget a piece of clothing that I love or hate. I don’t forget a picture either.

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