Jesus is The Rock

God is so Big. So Enormous. It is hard for me to imagine, to fathom what He is or who He is or where I would be without any part of Him. He is everywhere. He is everything to me. He is in all. He sees and hear all. He hears my silent prayers and knows everyone’s voice. He knows everyone personally.

There is nothing that God can’t do. God can do everything. There is no one that God can’t save. He’s a wonderful savior to everybody. There is nothing to hard for God. I am nothing without God.


I ordered a skirt I really wanted off-line and it came in mail today. On the model it looks long, warm, wool, and the color looks like a  dark plaid. When I met it in person, I put it on and did not like the way it looked. It was short, thin, and very light. I am very disappointed! But that’s the downside of buying off-line. The piece of clothing is always dead until it gets on your body.

What do I love to see and what do I see I wonder? Can I put my eyes to work? I love colors. I love text and material. I love designs and solids.  I love fashion and photography.I love fashion photography. When I look at a movie or a picture or even a commercial, I see the clothes at “work”. They are moving!  I see the colors at work. I may question the set dresser or the photographer.  I don’t forget a piece of clothing that I love or hate. I don’t forget a picture either.

License to Praise

When He created me full of breath, Right then He chose me

When He molded me full of His desires I knew He wanted me

But I kept questioning him, why, what, and how will I ever be Your Child?

And He gave me the license to Praise.

Then He gave me  reasons to believe And strengthen my Faith

I know He’s in control and I’m satisfied in His name

If I stay in His will he will never take away His Spirit neither the licence to Praise

the children

I haven’t really told all my students but I think I am leaving soon.  I am not sure. Maybe.

I love the children. They are all so different but yet so alike. They all don’t want me to leave.

One of them told the other kids: “See? She rather work at some other job then to help children!” ( Not TRUE).

The good thing is they are old enough to understand the concept of life.  Nothing is promising. Nothing stays!

Not including the little one I love to help.

He was growing attached to me. I wish I could stay just for him. He really needs my help and attention. I feel sad now.

But I know when it is time to leave and there has been times when I over stayed my visit knowing it was time for me to leave. I’ve learned my lesson.

In the Best Possible Light

I went to the Photography exhibition, In the best Possible Light, by Mr. Herman Leonard at Jazz at Lincoln Center and had so much fun! Make sure you make your way over there before February 14, 2010.  You feel like you are in that time era- the 40’s to the early 90’s. This exhibition makes you want to own a  Jazz cd and listen till your heart is content- even though the Jazz scene has changed a great bit. Leonard’s subjects no doubt are the birth and the cool of jazz, the making of America. No wonder the Smithsonian holds about 70 of his photos. This post “Hats or Hatnots # 2”  is title such because that is Monk without his hat. Almost every picture that has been taken of him, is of him wearing a hat. Finally a picture of him without a hat!