Dress by Ivy H.

Ivy H

There is something about this era. While it is not easy to get a job or buy a home like it was during the 50’s, this era is very youthful. We may have to spend more time in our parents home or be dependable on the older generation before us but we are learning.  In these hard times the older generation is  making us wait our turn. Showing us the ropes and trying to make sure we will be equipped with knowledge and wisdom to do the job.

I am in no way pushing older folks out. I love old people but I love my young people too. I just think that there are some young people out there who are doing great jobs.

For example, the president is very young. Whether or not you think he is doing a good job is another story, but to be so young in the white house is a good thing.  In addition, While in some cases it is hard to get a foot in the ‘door’, there are many programs geared toward young people. Some of my friends are a part Teach for America. I also read about Teach for the World, a program put together by New York Times Editor, Nicholas D. Kristof. Many young kids are going to different countries as the ‘helpful American’. I also notice many young and up coming clothing designers. Which I am very impressed with. There is Christian Siriano, who I met at Borders. I did not even know him until his book Fierce Style came out. I have been reading Vogue and other fashion articles about many other young people who are doing their thing. I have met Ivy Higa. Another fashion designer who make high-end clothes. She is very young and I believe her line is amazing. To see them do what they love and be so young is encouragement. Age can not and will not stop me from success.

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