Befriending, Deleteing, Adding

Sometimes you want to know who a person is. It is your nature. You are curious. What is his name or who is she?

However, soon or later after we meet that person, we tend to ignore him.

When we walk pass him on the street, we don’t even look in his eyes

You probably will delete her from your social networks.

Is it that you know all you want to know about him?

Or if you know any more about her you will not like her anymore?

Or you heard what he said about him and it makes you not want to be friends with her anymore?

Or you are just doing friend cleansing for yourself? No negative people in your life.

Or you got to close to him and it destroyed your relationship with her?

It is just life to let people come and go into your life.

However, it seems as if people are trying to hold on to others as often as they could… just in case.

If I graduate from fifth grade and move to another neighborhood, shouldn’t I meet new friends and deal with the lost?

Why should I be in college befriending or looking for friends from third grade on facebook?

What’s the point?

To see what they are doing with their lives??  or do I

have other intentions?

Why should you want to hang on to your childhood? When do you grow up and forget?

then you can say

Oh yes, I remember! I almost forgot about him…I wonder whatever happened to him!Swing

One thought on “Befriending, Deleteing, Adding

  1. I think its about measuring how you’ve changed in comparison to others who should be going though the same stage as you.
    I lost contact with three friends from eighth grade; Q, N and H. I don’t know how to contact N, I regretted contacting H and immediately fell out of touch again, Q got in touch after four years as if we had never stopped communicating.
    If people from your past are all going to college or have high goals and you’re not or don’t it encourages you to catch up.

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