Call the Fire Deptment!

Yesterday, I came across two fires and made the best of them.

The first one was at the Library. Well, it wasn’t really a fire but the fire men did show up. Three trucks. Everyone had to evacuate the building.

The exciting part came when we all were outside. The fire men who were just standing around interacted with the children and everyone took turns using them for their backdrop for most pictures.

The next fire happened when my sister and I went to buy some items from the store. Next door was a fire at the cleaners. I took out my notebook and camera and documented everything. The owner of the cleaners glared at me and told me in so many ways to mind my business.

The fire started in a dryer and the extinguisher stayed in the dryer. I guess they couldn’t get it out. Engine 8 put the fire out. Three Engines showed up, two trucks/ ladders, and the battalion or the chief was… I missed his name. But I got all this information from Lt. Goop. The owner who didn’t want to talk to me was inside for a while trying to put out the fire himself.

He walked out looking beaten with a burnt broom in one hand.Fire

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