Parental Problems and Popcorn

My mom woke up one summer morning during her pregnancy with my little brother.  It was beautiful outside. We couldn’t ask for more. Our home was cool. The birds were chirping and the sky was light blue. The night before we all had stayed up planning what we were going to do the next day. We already had an idea. After all we have been doing the same thing the entire summer so far playing on our block. We didn’t go to far from our house. We just hung out with the children from the neighborhood. Once in a while we would visit the library but we never went further than the library. This day we plan to take a family trip to the beach. It was my dad’s idea. He’ll always come up with these fun ideas. So we all go ready. My mom packed all a lot of light food. We all got our summer gear together. My dad wanted to go early in the morning so it would be very few people on the beach.

When we arrived there we were about the only family there. There was people on the beach but we had a lot of room to ourselves. My pops who is a photographer set his camera up and his equipment up. My mother wanted some photos of us so my dad said he will shoot us. That was his idea. My mom who is a great designer dressed us in summer colors. The photo-shoot went well. The pictures turned out amazing. By the time my dad was done with us the sun was beaming down. We had brought everything but umbrellas so my pops decided he would take us to the theater to relax. And that’s when the trouble began.

My mom didn’t want to go to the theater but my pops thought it would be a waste of money to drive all the way back home without really enjoying the town we were in. And when my mom is pregnant and is upset she start craving food. I think, just to get on my pop’s nerve because sometimes she doesn’t even eat the food. Secretly I like it when she craves because I think she craves the food she normally would tell us not to eat. Like a lot of candy and ice cream.

When we got to the theater, we didn’t even have to go inside. There was a movie showing outside. So we sat in our car and watched from there. Mom first craved hot dogs which was easy to get to from the stand near by. Then candy and soda pop. Next pretzels. My pops had no problem getting the food for her- I really mean us. Finally she asked for popcorn. And he had to walk and walk a distance. By the time he came back she wanted McDonalds and she said the popcorn tasted stale which meant that we couldn’t even eat it. The pigeons were the lucky ones.

We didn’t even get McDonalds.

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