Summer almost Here

A lot of my older students are getting reading for graduation. They found out what middle schools they will be attending and are pretty excited. I can’t believe I stayed with them for a year! It went by so fast!

And, I am already meeting new children.  I met two little boys – very enthusiastic fellows (Jose and John) and their older sister Laura.Karaoke

But that is not really what I want to talk about, even though it is on my mind. I want to talk about something else.

The lyrics to popular songs that are sung by our children -day in and day out- everyday. I wonder if children songs even exist anymore.  Recently there has been Karaoke at the library almost every week and this give the kids a chance to sing  together. It also give me an idea of the children preference in music… and the songs are very sexual and inappropriate for children but for some reason society let them sing the songs.

The songs they were singing along to, I didn’t know any of them, mainly because Beyonce and Young Jeezy are not people who I would want to listen too. I don’t mind children singing love songs but the songs these artist sing – are they really love songs? Is ‘ All the Single Ladies’ a love song.  There was one song that got really graphic and I begin to feel very uncomfortable with the children singing along. I gave the librarian an eye and she went on the next song. But it still bothered me that they knew the words!

A moment of silence for the innocence that is slipping away from our youth.

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