Park with Gate

Park ProblemsOkay, a few days ago I blogged about a park in my neighborhood that is always locked. No, I didn’t call the city like I said I was. Just to busy. However, I did notice another park in my neighborhood. It was open to the public and now there is a wired fence all around it…do you think they are going to shut it down and build? I hope they don’t because we need that park. It is not fair to the people who do love nature. We have enough stores and some store mangers are struggling to pay the rent while other mangers are walking away leaving an empty building. Why build something in the green space we have? This is a picture of the poles I notice before the fence was put up.

2 thoughts on “Park with Gate

  1. Everyone in the community needs to be more in touch the Bronx councilman, Congressman Jose Serrano and other local leaders, because I am sure your not the only one with these questions. Also, things are happening and we do have a say but aren’t exercising that right.

  2. Maybe they are trying to stop the animals from pooping and they figured the ‘Keep Dogs Off Grass’ signs won’t work.

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