I must be honest.  Wham am I saying? I am always honest. I was honest in the beginning. So, why should anything hurt me. Why should what he does or who he sees hurt my feelings? Especially if he was honest also. I’ll like to think that if I am thinking about him, then he is doing the same for me. Really, I would but I am not sure. I’ll like to think, If I am discussing him to my friends, then he is doing the same about me.

I think we would have had been good friends. We were good friends in the beginning! I miss that friendship. Us just being friends. But too soon we were attracted and one thing led to another. I think it is because I could feel his soul almost on mine. I let him just rule for a while.  And I know he could feel mine. But we never spoke about it. We always left it in the air. Dangling. So when we did start talking, it was almost hard. Besides, I didn’t really want to talk. I just like wanted to continue being friends. Well, I didn’t want to continue being friends but I didn’t want to talk either. I just wanted to be cool with him. Leave our relationship the way it was. Now its worse. Oh, listen to me. I am confused! At least that’s how I sound.

I turned him down. When he wanted to be more than friends.  And when I begin to miss him, I called him but- but look now he stood me up.

I feel like he stood me up on purpose. Like he kind of planned it. I can’t believe this. First I saw him with someone else then he stood me up?DJERDAN

Oh, there he goes! Lilly, he’s here!

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