Time is of the Essence

Growing up around artist in the Bronx has taught me to appreciate art from a child. And the more I experience the more I know how important signs and photos are. How valuable music and beat is. And how much time is of the essence.  I took a course on first aid today and the instructor was telling us that when one does CPR with a defibrillator, the beat moves at the same pace as the beat in Staying Alive moves too. Not saying that  Bee Gees, the artist of Stayin’ Alive, is important for us to know, but the beat is important. Not saying that if you are having a heart attack to call on Bee Gees either. However, to know about the art of life one must know about the art of music. It becomes synonymous. Making every aspect of  art fundamental.  Artist play an essential part in our lives. This world. This earth! This universe! (You get the picture now?!)

As time moves on, art moves on and scenes change and art is sometimes valued more or less depending on the work. During the First Aid class, Mrs. Carr, the instructor kept telling the class Time is of the Essence. And I know what she meant. Life is important. Act as quickly as you can. Do what you can to save a life. But as a recent college grad and someone looking to get more out of life, I saw pass that. Since you are living make most of your ability. Make life better. Save life. Save what you can. Saving life means saving art to me. Perseverance.

When the class ended, I looked out of the window and there outside were two graffiti mural artist painting the wall. Time was of the essence. I got my camera and went out to shoot. It was not until later that I thought in dept about the artist and their value. Not everybody can do what they were doing. Very few people. Which made me want to grab my camera instantly. It also made me feel old. Because, ¡Si dios quiera one day someone will be rushing to save my work.

Moreover, the art they do is not something that will be under plastic or behind a frame in a museum, neither will it be guarded by copyright laws or the police. Their art is out in the open. And can only be preserved by people like me.

Usually when I think on this topic names like Martha Copper and even Grand Master Flash pop into my head. Scenes pop into my head also. I see humongous beat boxes and high top hair dos and images from the Bronx burning to the1990’s  fashion. And now that I am experiencing more and listening to stories from the elders in my neighborhood, the art and the culture is becoming one with me. Now names like Beat Mann (who used to tag trains in the 70’s) and Evelyn and Jr. (a couple who owns one of the biggest houses in my neighborhood who experience the art of life in the Bronx during this period ) and even Jason(mural artist, http://jasonburnz.wordpress.com/ ) and Mrs. Carr faces come to mind, making art and time and life less of a puzzle for me.


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