A Dream Deferred

There need to be a community of people in New York who is dedicated to saving the African-American history in New York City. We have given so much to this city and so much of our history is not even saved because it seems like no one really care. And I know there are people who care. And I am going to look for those people and work a long with them…I just don’t know where to start.

Last year, a friend and I went to Harlem to visit the home of Langston Hughes and it’s just a disgrace. It is right in the middle of Harlem and it looks run down. There are weeds and junk all over the place. There was broken glass and the entire house looked uninviting.  The only thing on the wall outside of the house was a plaque that read a little something about his life.L.HuguesHome Totally something that should never be.

Now, I am looking up information to visit the home of Mme. C. J. Walker and there is no information, even though she had a house that she built, in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York.

Our history is being taking from us right under our noses and something needs to be done. Something is going to be done too.

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