I Lost My Tooth!

Yesterday, during Fitness, I lost my tooth!

I was doing jumping jax and all of sudden I cried out:

‘Look, Look! My tooth fell out!’

My entire class crowed around me  but before I could show anyone

I dropped my tooth.

I started to look for it and my teacher allowed the class to help me.

But no one could find it so, my teacher said we had to get back to doing fitness.

She allowed me to keep looking for it.

Soon, she told me to forget about it.

But I moaned loudly with tears in my eyes: ‘I want a lot of money for my tooth!’ (These were real tears because sometimes I do cry for fake).

When I was just about to give up, Miss Lilly picked up something really small and white and said to me:

What’s this?

And instantly I begin to smile because I knew with all my heart that that was my  lost tooth! And it was!!

I cried out with a joyful voice: I found my tooth! (Even though I didn’t really find it!) Even my teacher said that I found it! I like Miss Lilly!

After showing my class, my teacher took me to the office and put it in an envelope and sealed it up. She also gave me a quarter!

Later the class made a circle and we all took turns telling our stories about losing our teeth. I was too excited to really listen.

Miss Lilly offered to hold my tooth for me until it was time to go home but I am a big boy! So I told her no.

Unfortunately, I lost my tooth again and I am not going to get filthy rich over it anymore.

But at least I made a quarter!

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