Night Out Alone

Night out alone

This pass weekend she decided to spend it alone. That way, she could do everything she wanted to do without asking anyone their opinion. She did her hair, painted her nails, dressed up, put on her snazzy sandals and grabbed her purse.

Walking down the street feeling the wind in her feet, she felt free. She felt the warm sun upon her back and thought for sure ‘I am all of that’. There was no stopping her now. She slipped on her Ray Bans and secretly smiled within her heart.  ‘This is how it feels to be free…no strings attached, no one on my shoulder. She thought for sure she was alone.

She walked into the MOMA and viewed their contemporary art collection. And while looking at a piece by Kara Walker she felt someone eyes on her. ‘I’m not going to turn around, yet’ She told herself. Their gaze was strong. But she held firm to her promise.

‘I thought I knew you!’ The voice made her jump.

‘You know me?’


‘How…do you know me?’

‘What do you mean how? We-  Oh, so I see where you going with this.

And with that she left the MOMA.

She didn’t feel free anymore. Well, not with him on her mind. Being alone wasn’t such a good idea.

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