Solider Taxi

Solider Taxi

The other night when my family went to Pathmark, after we finished shopping, we all went to haul down a Taxi. My brother asked a random guy if he was a Taxi driver and he said yes, even though I knew he wasn’t.

Reasons why I knew he was not a legit Taxi driver:

He was very generous.

He backed up his car into the sidewalk.

He got out and helped us with the bags.

He had a regular license plate.

His car was not a town car or regular ‘taxi’ car.

He had a ‘baby on board’ sign in the back.

So, we got in and he was pretty nice. The most impressing thing about this ‘Taxi’ driver was

he was a solider who just came back from the middle east.

And for whatever reason, he volunteered to take us home.

When I got out, I said

Now, I can tell everyone that a Solider drove me home.

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