Hunger Signs


While Mommy is off somewhere talking to a stranger, she does not see my signs. She never shows that she fully cares about my signs so why should I worry about telling her? She shows different colors every day and each color has a different font on its sign. And my Daddy,  I don’t know him to know his signs. He never sticks around much for me to assign a sign to him. I wonder if he knows my signs. I guess they think I can’t read. Read their expressions or their body language or  their tone of  voice or read their eyes. All I do is look down. They tell me to pick up my head. I guess they want to know my sign. I asked my sister yesterday did she know my sign. She told me Duh, its Aquarius! She thinks she is so smart. That’s not my sign! I was going to tell her because I hate not telling anyone. I figure she is the one I should tell. But I am afraid. My mommy always tell me not to complain and if I tell my sister my sign, would that be complaining? She told me when I do complain I run away all the promised kingdoms and all her kings. That’s why she is always looking for one. But I never saw her with a king! If she means the strangers, those kings are never nice. There is no feasting when they come. Only when they leave. As a matter of fact, they eat the entire banquet all alone. My mommy is always telling me never to overindulge. I don’t even know what that means. But she always take my food  away from me when it tastes really good. I guess it means not to show my signs.

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