Creative Imagainations- WARNING- only for those with Imagainations

Creative Imaginations

Living within the city surrounded by green things and concrete is a great asset to all living beings with creative imaginations. While the melting pot is steady boiling with flesh from all walks of life and tongues from across the world God is steady working the imaginations of the people- oh, what is that? A tall giraffe!

See, we just hoped off the air plane. We went to Manhattan to see Despicable Me and our imagination was running high!

Nothing was the same anymore.  The Bronx had become a different world in the time we were gone. All of sudden, at the end of the block right  in the big city was a pond! The gold fish was very much alive and not to far ahead were bull frogs. The trek through this jungle- some people call it the concrete jungle- was nothing but fun! We passed waterfalls and fat pigs. We saw sheep and even monkeys of every color.  A brown car was a pony and the dog sitting in the window was the African Wild Dog. The city was made for colorful noise. And there was no place we went that did not hear the colorful noise and transform to something more colorful than before.

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