Just. Believe.

Just. Believe.So you survived a world tragedy

People say you defeated the enemy

Man tried to save those who died

the enemy was satisfied

You decided to pray

You said you would believe

Ten years later, and we’re back to where we used to be.

It seems 9/11 didn’t change you much

Are you on your way to heaven?

Why don’t you change your living habits?

You claim you don’t believe over and over again

speaking doubt into your soul, and to your soul bring grief

Well, God has the key to your heart, to your soul.

He knows all and most of all He is real.

Winding and dying

feasting and spending

living life for the earthy pleasures

ignoring the one who created the earth and all its treasures

Gosh, Why don’t you change your life style

You know a change is gonna Come

When your life on earth is done

God is sure to come

I heard he doesn’t break his promises

You use his name in vain

treat God’s people with disdain

refuse to repent

enjoy living in sin

this list will only end

if only you Just. Believe.

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