The Library is closed until November because of renovations. I wish there was a place for the children in the mean time. I met Adam* leaving his building one day.

He came out and had a plastic bottle in his hand. I was far away up the block but notice that it was one of my old students. He took the bottle and threw it down the block, like it was a ball,  then turn to go back inside. That’s when the teacher in me came out.

yo, Adam!!

He turned around really quick and waved. He acted like he was in a hurry all of sudden.

Hi, Miss Lilly!

I waved at him. I was still a little far way.

Wait Adam!

When I caught up with him I was out of breath.

How’s your summer going?


What are you up too?

Nothing much.

I can tell.  You still reading?

Well….a little…

For real? Are you still reading?

Hee, hee…no.

Try to keep reading….Adam, why don’t you pick up that bottle?

He gave me a sheepish grin.


He turned and got his bike. He threw it so far, he rode his bike to pick it up and came back to me.

Now, let’s go to a trash can. You love your neighborhood right?

Yeah, I guess.

Then, why would you make it look dirty? You know what happens when you litter? It piles up and up and soon floats away to the beach and no one can enjoy the water. That’s why it’s so dirty now. Try not to litter.


Well, do you want your friends from cleaner neighborhoods to come to your house and see how you treat your living space?


Well, try to keep it clean!

We threw his bottle in a dump and then he started showing off on his bike (which I raced him on feet before and beat him).

Look at those tires!

* name is changed for privacy*

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